Time to Stop Putting It Off

Obviously, COVID-19 has made visiting an audiologist challenging and, for a period of time in many places, pretty much impossible. Which has had the side effect of making ignoring your hearing issues more convenient.

Now is a good time to face up to facts if you’ve been noticing changes in your hearing.

Here are three good reasons to take care of issues now rather than later.

First, it’s good for your emotional health (something we’re all dealing with these days). Several studies have shown that people with untreated hearing loss are at higher risk for depression and anxiety—stemming from how easy it is to slide into isolation when having conversations is more difficult.

Another huge issue is how important good hearing is for overall brain function. There is now plentiful evidence that hearing loss leads directly to brain atrophy as neurons are reassigned due to the decrease of auditory input. This can lead to not just short-term issues; it is linked to higher rates of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. According to the article “Hearing Loss and Dementia: Breakthrough Research Seeks Causal Link” published in The Hearing Journal last year: “The risk of developing dementia doubles for older adults with mild hearing loss, and triples for those with moderate hearing loss. And for those with severe hearing loss, the risk is five times that of someone who does not suffer hearing loss.”

And there can be more direct physical repercussions to untreated hearing loss. Issues with the inner ear’s vestibular system, which controls balance, makes the likelihood of suffering from a fall more likely. And for those over 65, falls are actually the leading cause of accidental death. A checkup with an audiologist will include testing this important aspect of hearing health.

Now’s the time to stop putting off dealing with any hearing issues you’re experiencing.