Mask-Wearing, Whether You Like It or Not


With the rebound in COVID-19 cases hitting many parts of the country, the need — and in many places requirement — to wear masks isn’t going away anytime soon.

Other than bandits, no one likes wearing a mask. Someone with a hearing aid even less so.

Sure, the first few times you pull off your mask and your hearing aid flies out of your ear is fun, but the novelty wears off fast. The negative reinforcement of this scenario will probably make being careful when removing a mask second nature pretty quickly.

What else can you do?

Masks with fabric ties that require the basic shoelace knot — as opposed to elastic ear loops — are probably a better bet, since once untied the strings won’t lasso any part of the hearing aid on their way by your ear.

If you do like elastic ties better, there are also mask holders — simple loops with snaps — that will pull the loops together at the back of the head. No ears required. S-hooks from the hardware store can also serve the same purpose.

Also, contact your hearing health professional. There may be solutions already discovered that best suit the kind of hearing aid you have. Everyone is having to be creative these days; lots of ideas are circulating.

And clearly hearing people who are speaking while wearing a mask is no bargain either. If you have to communicate with someone, remember to let them know you’re wearing a hearing aid and that you may need them to speak slowly. And try to talk away from other noise.

Don’t forget to bring your patience. It looks like mask-wearing will be with us for the foreseeable future.