Don’t Let Your Ears Suffer From The Music

The contemporary summer music festival scene isn’t synonymous with the hard-of-hearing generation—they went to Woodstock—but hearing loss should be on the younger set’s radar.

That’s because nearly one-fourth of Americans between 18 and 44 are believed to already be dealing with hearing loss issues. Between the rise of earbuds, the increase of high-volume media in public spaces, and the general loudness of modern life, there is a clear trend of hearing loss working its way down from the older generation.

With music festivals back on the agenda for the summer of 2021—after being scrubbed last year—now’s a good time to think about protecting your ears if you plan on once again diving into live music this summer. The damage done by extended exposure to excessive sound is rarely treatable; it’s permanent and can accumulate over time until hearing aids are really the only remedy.

One thing to remember, especially if you’re going to be onsite for hours on end, is that letting your ears take some breaks from loudness will lessen the risk of damage. Like most parts of your body, overuse will lead to problems.

But the best protection is earplugs. Generic ones are good, custom-fitted ones better.

If going to shows is an aspect of your life you’ve been looking forward to getting back into, and you expect to see a lot of shows to make up for lost COVID time, then investing in some professionally-fitted ear molds might be a wise move. They’ll provide a high level of protection while not interfering with sound quality, ensuring that your enjoyment of concerts for years to come does not come at the price of your long-term hearing health.