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Time to Stop Putting It Off

Obviously, COVID-19 has made visiting an audiologist challenging and, for a period of time in many places, pretty much impossible. Which has had the side effect of making ignoring your hearing issues more convenient. Now is a good time to face up to facts if you’ve been noticing changes in your hearing. Here are three […]

Keep Those Ears Dry

It’s summer and everyone is trying to get in some outdoor recreation after being cooped for the past few months. Even if pools are still closed due to COVID-19, swimming in the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, or backyard pools offers the opportunity for some socially-distant exercise. But with summer swimming can come swimmer’s ear. (And […]

Mask-Wearing, Whether You Like It or Not

  With the rebound in COVID-19 cases hitting many parts of the country, the need — and in many places requirement — to wear masks isn’t going away anytime soon. Other than bandits, no one likes wearing a mask. Someone with a hearing aid even less so. Sure, the first few times you pull off […]

A Month For Men to Consider Their Health

Thanks to Congressional action in 1994, June is officially Men’s Health Month. Actually, the original legislation — first sponsored by then-Senator and later Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole — proclaimed June 12 to 19 National Men’s Health Week. Inflation ensued and now it’s a whole month. The purpose is to encourage men to realize “… […]

When Your Job Makes You Hard of Hearing

Getting older is already a risk factor for hearing loss. Unfortunately, getting older after having a career in certain occupations raises that risk. And not surprisingly, jobs that are loud are jobs that can negatively affect hearing. The economic sectors most detrimental to hearing are manufacturing (factory work), construction, aviation, mining, agriculture, and the military. […]

Hearing Loss and Genetics

For most people, hearing loss issues develop because something happens later in life. They get older or their ears are damaged because of accidents, infection, or exposure to loud noise. But for some, it’s a matter of being born with issues. This falls under the rubric of genetic hearing disorders. Genes are the basic building […]

The Brain Needs to Hear

One of the best reasons to stay on top of your hearing health and seek treatment for any issues with it is the link between hearing and cognitive performance. It has become increasingly clear in recent years that “losing” one’s hearing is often intertwined with weakening of one’s mind. Several scientific studies have found that […]

Diabetes: Always Worth Being Aware Of

November is National Diabetes Month. Right after Halloween — and in time for Thanksgiving — it’s a reminder that this diet-sensitive condition can be a significant force in creating chronic health issues and poor outcomes. Unfortunately, along with the better-known litany of health ramifications stemming from diabetes — especially when untreated or when patients ignore […]