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Few Shortcuts For Hearing Loss

Anyone who’s dealing with the realization that their ability to hear isn’t what it once was would like to find a cure, the metaphoric “magic bullet” that will make things better. Unfortunately for the vast majority of people it doesn’t — at least not yet — work that way. The most likely cause for hearing […]

Apps For Your Ears

Most people these days have a smartphone. Some people use hearing aids. And that’s a match made in tech heaven. Like smartphones, today’s hearing aids are really computers. They process sound, digitize data, and communicate wirelessly with other devices in the vicinity. This is the stuff of science fiction from 50 years ago. It is […]

Hearing In the Age of Zoom Meetings

You don’t have to like it … but you may have to endure it. Because of  COVID-19, videoconferencing is now a thing. And if you have any type of hearing issue — whether it requires hearing aids or not — trying to get important work done via Zoom or Skype can be a challenge. And […]

Hearing During The Holidays

Like everything else in 2020, Thanksgiving festivities are going to be a challenge. Bringing people together during the COVID-19 pandemic will present a number of issues. And there’ll be the aftermath of the election. That’s a lot on the proverbial table this year. But for anyone with hearing issues, these kinds of gatherings — which […]

The Ways Hearing Can Go South

The annual National Audiology Awareness Month is recognized each October. One of the many things hearing health professionals do is examine people who have realized that their hearing is not functioning at the level they expect. At this preliminary stage, it is required to broadly diagnose what kind of hearing loss is being manifested. The […]

Time to Stop Putting It Off

Obviously, COVID-19 has made visiting an audiologist challenging and, for a period of time in many places, pretty much impossible. Which has had the side effect of making ignoring your hearing issues more convenient. Now is a good time to face up to facts if you’ve been noticing changes in your hearing. Here are three […]

Keep Those Ears Dry

It’s summer and everyone is trying to get in some outdoor recreation after being cooped for the past few months. Even if pools are still closed due to COVID-19, swimming in the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, or backyard pools offers the opportunity for some socially-distant exercise. But with summer swimming can come swimmer’s ear. (And […]

Mask-Wearing, Whether You Like It or Not

  With the rebound in COVID-19 cases hitting many parts of the country, the need — and in many places requirement — to wear masks isn’t going away anytime soon. Other than bandits, no one likes wearing a mask. Someone with a hearing aid even less so. Sure, the first few times you pull off […]

A Month For Men to Consider Their Health

Thanks to Congressional action in 1994, June is officially Men’s Health Month. Actually, the original legislation — first sponsored by then-Senator and later Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole — proclaimed June 12 to 19 National Men’s Health Week. Inflation ensued and now it’s a whole month. The purpose is to encourage men to realize “… […]

Normal Isn’t the Operative Word These Days

In normal years, Better Hearing & Speech Month rolls around every May and a topic is embraced by the hearing health industry, led by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). But this is so not a normal year. On the last day of April, ASHA released a statement making it clear that the already chosen theme […]