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Getting A Loved One to Take Action About Their Hearing Loss

The onset of hearing loss is usually not sudden, but rather a slow slide into isolation. So subtle that sometimes talking a loved one into visiting the hearing aid provider is a struggle. But there are ways to approach the subject that will enhance the possibility that they will—in the metaphorical sense— hear what you’re […]

Small Can Work, In the Right Circumstances

An exciting technological advance that has become normalized is invisible-in-the-ear hearing aids. Though not for everyone due to technical reasons covered below—or necessarily what everyone considers hearing aid affordable—they are a great option for many people. There are two self-explanatory varieties: in-the-canal (ITC) and completely-in-canal (CIC). Either can be accessed from a professional hearing aid […]

Taking Care of Hearing

As designated by the World Health Organization (WHO), March 3rd is officially World Hearing Day. The theme of the day is “To hear for life, listen with care.” We’ll be a part of it at our office, located at 200 Plaza Drive, Suite B, in Vestal, New York. The underlying message is safe listening, which […]

Dealing With Tinnitus

Tinnitus is enigmatic and, sadly, does not yet have a precise course of treatment. Even worse, some people recovering from COVID have reported its onset or a worsening of the condition. It has become an aspect of “long haul” COVID for some. Though sometimes temporary, dealing with any insistent case of tinnitus is not any […]

Getting Hearing Aids Through the Winter

Now that winter weather has shown up in earnest, it’s a good time to review how to take care of ears and hearing aids in the colder time of the year. Oddly enough, one wintry seasonal issue is actually sweat—as in perspiration in the ear canal from wearing hats and earmuffs. Not only does this […]

Dealing With a Child’s Hearing Loss

There’s a lot to keep in mind when parenting. And though it doesn’t happen very often, occasionally taking stock of your child’s hearing is something to be aware of. One reason to do this is, if a child develops hearing issues, early intervention can be key to ensuring the best long-term outcome. This is especially […]

Don’t Let Your Ears Be a Casualty of Black Friday

Never mind supply chain issues, this year’s Black Friday will be a bigger affair than last year’s. That means it will be loud and proud. If this is an annual ritual you’re looking forward to—while also dealing with hearing loss issues—then it’s best to enter the fray with a plan. The first serious day of […]

The Role of Online Hearing Tests

You can do a lot of things online these days. Even test your hearing. Though it is not a replacement for a full diagnostic hearing session with an audiologist, an online hearing test can be useful. Especially in the case of someone just starting to admit to hearing loss who may need a little nudge […]

Ears Are Not Immune to Allergic Reactions

For the unlucky, the end of summer brings on a new bout of allergies. Usually, this means itchy eyes and a runny nose, but don’t be surprised if your ears get into the act as well. Your ears, like other parts of the body, are just as susceptible to an overly aggressive immune system; one […]

Keep Your Ears Dry In The First Place

If you’re someone who makes swimming a part of your life—whether in a pool or natural body of water—then investing in some swimming earplugs might be a wise choice. The kinds of ear infections that swimming makes more likely—there’s a reason they call it “swimmer’s ear”—can derail your summer and become a chronic nuisance. There […]