Taking Care of Hearing

As designated by the World Health Organization (WHO), March 3rd is officially World Hearing Day. The theme of the day is “To hear for life, listen with care.”

We’ll be a part of it at our office, located at 200 Plaza Drive, Suite B, in Vestal, New York.

The underlying message is safe listening, which are behaviors that will protect your hearing now and throughout the rest of your life. Current research has made it plain that long-term hearing health depends on managing noise exposure earlier in life. The increased use of personal audio devices—along with modern sound systems in places as diverse as dance clubs to suburban movie theaters—has resulted in more and more exposure to extreme sound environments.

This has resulted in hearing issues becoming more common earlier in life, with cardiovascular-related factors also being a driver. But the focus of this year’s World Hearing Day is dealing directly with noise exposure and ways to prevent or diminish it.

The theme of listening with care is rooted in one of the seven interventions (Noise Reduction) called for in the 2021 World Report on Hearing. The other six are screening and intervention, disease prevention and management, access to technology, rehabilitation services, improved communication, and greater community engagement.

The breadth of the issue and available preventive measures are covered in the 2021 World Report on Hearing, published by the WHO. The 272-page document is an exhaustive examination of what is now a global phenomenon. Since its founding in 1948, the WHO has served as the United Nations’ lead agency dealing in pursuing better health outcomes around the world.