Keep Your Ears Dry In The First Place

If you’re someone who makes swimming a part of your life—whether in a pool or natural body of water—then investing in some swimming earplugs might be a wise choice.

The kinds of ear infections that swimming makes more likely—there’s a reason they call it “swimmer’s ear”—can derail your summer and become a chronic nuisance.

There are a few things you can do to curtail the chance of coming down with a case of the summertime blues. Remembering to not “dry” your ears with friction by using a towel, Q-tip, or even a finger is a good start. Doing so will lead to abrasions on the walls of the ear canal, which is where bacteria can lodge and get started infecting your ear.

Also, be aware that if you use a hearing aid, removing it when you go swimming and reinserting it into a wet ear afterward will bring the same risk of creating conditions rife with infection possibilities.

And don’t assume that only swimming in chlorine-treated water will not put you at risk. Public pools are a great place to pick up a case of swimmer’s ear.

That’s why a pair of custom-molded swimming earplugs are your best line of defense. They will create a watertight seal that keeps the water—and thus waterborne bacteria—out of your ear canal. Shaping them to the contours of your ear is an important step in creating a tight seal and the best protection.

This is the best way to defend your ears and make sure you don’t get derailed this summer—or any time of year—by an ear infection.